Vous souhaitez faire un stage dans l'aéronautique ?

Posté par Nathalie DOUSSET (toulouse 31)   marraine
Le 28 novembre 2016 à 10:37

Airbus recrute pour un stage de 6 mois 1 stagiaire à St Nazaire et 1 stagiaire à Toulouse qui rejoindront les équipes Qualité programme A350.


Within the A350 Q programme, in line with Programme and Quality objectives, the job holder contributes to secure that A350 A/C section are delivered

according to quality comitment in particular for :

- Customer Protection (securing A/C acceptance by customers)

- CnQ (Cost of Non Quality) reduction

- Preventive Quality Standard deployment

and that Quality management system is in place and sustainable for Ramp-up phase.

Main activities :

- Collect key Q escapes from Final assembly line and Âirline Customer (through QKA) and implement feedback loops to eradicate them

- Define, assesss and secure implementation of any corrective and preventive actions (CP, PFMEA, PPS, SPC, KCs/CTI, PPV, IPCA+) in the MAKE and

BUY perimeter asapplicable

The jobholder is in direct contact with quality, manufacturing, engineering, procurement and supply, chief engineering and programme teams.

pour plus de détails et pour postuler : www.airbusgroup.com/int/en/people-careers/jobs-and-applications/search-for-vacancies~lang=fr~.html?queryStr=&contract_type=ct_0003&contract_type=ct_0006&country=fr&division=001&functional_area=0190&functional_area=v_0088_0190_0192

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