ATLAS COPCO recrute un(e) Responsable Marketing Automobile

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Le 19 juillet 2018 à 15:02

Contact :

Assistante RH, Laura LE MELLEDO,, 01 39 09 32 60

Job description

We are searching for a motivated Marketing Manager to plan and direct ACTA’s marketing initiatives.

The successful candidate will have previously held a Manager position and will serve in an integral part of the senior management team of ACTA.

This position reports to the Business Line Manager MVI.

Successful and continuous execution of the major responsibilities of this position should result in:

1) complete customer satisfaction,

2) profitable growth,

3) expansion of market presence,

4) development of new products, services and opportunities.

Primary duties include, but are not limited to:

· Understand current and future market direction, market needs/voids and the evaluation of key trends

· Understand current and potential customer needs and technology

· Analyze, propose and lead the creation of new and creative long-range strategic objectives

· Develop and implement the Marketing strategy for all new and existing products

· Drive new product development in conjunction with Divisional headquarters

· Lead creation of new and creative sales and marketing materials

· Ensure professional and on-time product launches. Lead development and communication of new product launch materials, sales tools, marketing materials and campaigns

· Assist the sales force in defining solutions, handling challenging customer situations, and providing problem resolution

· Provide technical product support to the sales force

· Administration of all product lines (price list management, literature, etc)

· Ensure professional and on-time product issue resolution

· Define, approve, and enforce operational standards and methodology within the team in order to improve quality, repeatability and on-time delivery of marketing activities

· Work within a global environment

· Effectively communicate Marketing processes to internal and external stakeholders

Education, Experience and Skills

· Bachelor’s degree in Business required

· Minimum 3 years Marketing experience

· Strategic and analytical thinker

· Effective written and verbal communication skills to develop relationships and work with a broad array of customers

Country and city description

Saint Ouen L’Aumône (95), France

Company presentation

Atlas Copco Applications Industrielles SAS is the global leader in providing fastening tools and assembly equipment to a world market and part of Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly System Customer Center South West Europe. The Customer Center ACTA SWE includes France, Spain, Portugal, Wallonia and Morocco. We have an unparalleled reputation in our industry and one that has consistently increased our customer base year after year because of superior problem solving skills, sales and service. We work directly with manufacturers, using state-of-the-art technology to bring product lines to the market.