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« Elles bougent » female mentors aim to be key players in promoting diversity within the scientific and engineering industries, by supporting young women and inspiring them to DARE to pursue these career paths.

A female mentor's role is to provide young women with a better understanding of existing scientific and engineering career opportunities, to talk openly about their experiences as women in the industry, and to discuss the barriers that they may have encountered.

The objective is to break down misconceptions and stereotypes and to encourage more young women to embrace careers in science and engineering.

Elles bougent at your own pace

As a ‘female mentor” you can choose to take part in the “Elles bougent” activities of your choice. Your commitment as a volunteer will depend on the time you can allocate, based on your availability.

Become an “Elles bougent” female mentor and share your experience with high school students!

Aside from the mentoring activities, you can also choose to be involved in other ways : taking part in events (roundtables, talks, job fairs, workshops in schools...), responding to press interviews, answering questions from young women on our website forum, posting on social networks, relaying messages... You decide how you want to help!

How to join ?

There are several different ways that you can join the Elles Bougent female mentorship program :

  • If you work for one of “Elles bougent” corporate partners, you can simply register for free on the website by filling in the form below.
  • If you are a woman working as engineer but do not work for one of our corporate partners, you can join as an independent female mentor :
    • fill in the form below and select "My company is not a partner" in the "Company or partner federation" field
    • sign and send back the female mentors' charter to the address at the page's bottom with a 30€ membership check payable to "Elles bougent"
  • If you are a student attending one of our higher education institutional partners, you can become a student female mentor. To do so, please visit the student registration page.

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